(27) Discovery of zeroMar 17, 2013

The Ancient Olympic Games were held every four years, and the194th Olympic Games were held in 4 B.C. What year was the next Olympic held? The correct answer is 1 A.D. At that time, they had no concept of zero, and so the first year after 1 B.C. was 1 A.D. Roman and Chinese numerals also started from 1. Zero was invented in the 6 A.D. by the Indian who mediated on °»emptiness°… and °»not-self°…. The Indian mathematical notation was prohibited during the medieval Europe but spread throughout Europe after the invention of typography. The °»Japanese era name°… starts at year 1, too. In East Asian age reckoning, newborns start one year old and one year is added on every New Year. The number on the clock is 1-12. Even in modern times, there are many customs in which the counting starts from 1. Let us find them.
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