Standard normal distribution Calculator

Calculates the probability density function and lower, upper and inner cumulative distribution functions of the standard normal distribution.

Standard normal distribution
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    Standard normal distribution
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    [1]  2022/08/08 09:25   50 years old level / Self-employed people / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Compare to my calculations within database. I needed to know if my 10+ digits were accurate.
    Are you using the Taylor series? All other methods I have seen are approximations. Some crazy good, but still approximations. We match up to 30 decimals so I assume we're both correct. Thanks for this wonderful tool.
    [2]  2020/06/30 02:00   20 years old level / An engineer / Very /
    Purpose of use
    how to make calculation if the single give 1,-1

    if we do the calculation
    1+1+1+ = 3 but,
    what if 1 +(-1)+1 = 1
    how we want to make the result 2 not 1
    [3]  2020/02/01 09:46   60 years old level or over / An engineer / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Get upper cumulative for very large deviations (6 sigma to 8 sigma). This calculator has the required large number of digits
    Why number of standard deviations (which works perfectly well in this box) is titled "percentile". It is not percentile as I understand it.
    [4]  2017/12/13 15:54   60 years old level or over / A retired people / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Testing my fortran subroutine PNORM
    [5]  2017/06/15 14:33   - / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    calculating VERY large number stes
    [6]  2017/05/23 05:41   50 years old level / An engineer / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    [7]  2012/03/03 13:01   30 years old level / A teacher / A researcher / - /
    Purpose of use
    what we use the standard normal distribution
    [8]  2009/06/30 22:33   Under 20 / A junior high student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    for fun during a long boring summer
    very good site layout, easy to navigate


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