Exponential distribution (chart) Calculator

Calculates a table of the probability density function, or lower or upper cumulative distribution function of the exponential distribution, and draws the chart.

Exponential distribution (chart)
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    Exponential distribution (chart)
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    [1]  2010/10/27 14:53   20 level / A university student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    use as a very convenient calculator
    very nice, tidy GUI
    [2]  2010/02/15 06:07   20 level / A specialized student / Very /
    very good calculating software.I hope this will work only if we are in touch with internet.very happy if u can make it as open source software,then one can install & run this calculating in the absence of internet connection
    [3]  2009/05/27 20:41   50 level / A researcher / Very /
    Purpose of use
    learn about exponential distribution
    Very good! I wanted to understand if the average waiting time as perceived by the customers is twice as high for a bus service with random bus arrivals ( a pure Poisson distribution) compared with a service where the buses run at equal intervals like clockwork. A good mathematician could prove this in a few minutes. I used your site to generate data for the exponential function and then put the data into a spread sheet and calcuated the result. Not very elegant -- but it worked. Thanks. I would be glad to send you the study that I am doing that made use of this site. Sincerely,
    [4]  2009/02/18 02:43   50 level / A teacher / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Thanks for providing excellent tool for my Statistics Teaching.


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