Atmospheric pressure from altitude Calculator

Calculates the atmospheric pressure at the present location from the altitude and temperature, and sea-level pressure.

Atmospheric pressure from altitude
Sea-level pressure P0
    1. hPa
    1. at present location
Altitude h
    1. m
Temperature T
    1. °C

    1. at present location:
Atmospheric pressure P
    2. hPa
    2. atm
The atmospheric pressure observed is adjusted to the equivalent sea level pressure in order to construct the isobaric weather map.
If the altitude is more than 11km high above sea level, the hypsometric formula cannot be applied because the temperature lapse rate varies considerably with altitude.

    Atmospheric pressure from altitude
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    [1]  2021/03/25 18:24   60 years old level or over / A retired person / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Calculating barometric pressure for weather station
    [2]  2020/11/20 02:04   60 years old level or over / A retired person / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Check accuracy of Mobile Phone pressure sensor
    [3]  2020/07/15 03:31   50 years old level / Self-employed people / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Seeking inputs for atmospheric refraction equations -- near the horizon atmospheric refraction is a function of lapse rate in the vicinity of the observer, predominantly.
    Simple & useful, helpful that equation & its name is given!
    [4]  2020/05/04 13:11   50 years old level / Others / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Watching 'Naked Science - Earth's Core'. Calculating basic pressures even at near the edge of the crust. E.g. deepest drill hole is 7.5 miles, 12000 meters deep. Try -12000m .... discover the science of our earth!
    [5]  2020/03/26 03:52   40 years old level / Self-employed people / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    learning thermodynamics...
    For most occasions, I bet this is perfect. it would be great if I could do the following:
    1. allow me to select units out. (yup, I can convert myself... just lazy :) )
    2. Show me the formula with variables before adding values to them. What would be even better is a 1-page walkthrough of how to solve the problem on paper (for those of us who don't have a formal education)
    [6]  2020/01/01 08:03   30 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    calculating pump NPSH
    [7]  2019/11/24 13:46   Under 20 years old / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Trying to send a high-altitude weather balloon.
    [8]  2019/09/24 18:30   40 years old level / Others / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Construction surveyor and I use it multiple times a day.
    [9]  2019/09/13 08:49   60 years old level or over / A retired person / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Air pressure in deep martian caves
    [10]  2019/09/07 19:41   30 years old level / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Calculating atmospheric pressure of Caspian Sea (-92 feet) to understand dive tables


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