Solar elevation angle (for a year) Calculator

Calculates a table of changes in the solar elevation and azimuth angles for a year and draws the chart.

Input negative degree for west longtitude and south latitude.
Daylight Saving time is not taken into consideration.
Solar elevation angle (for a year)
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Solar elevation angle (for a year)
azimuth angle: north=0, east=90, south=180, west=270 degree
    Solar elevation angle (for a year)
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    [1]  2020/06/28 19:57   Male / 60 years old level or over / Self-employed people / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Checking against my calculations on solar power resourcing in northern "wilderness" (off-grid).
    Good work, thank you!
    [2]  2020/06/25 13:38   Male / 30 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very /
    Purpose of use
    [3]  2020/06/17 13:32   Male / 40 years old level / An engineer / Very /
    Purpose of use
    house building
    [4]  2020/06/16 14:31   Male / 50 years old level / An engineer / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    Angles solar panel installation
    [5]  2020/06/01 00:37   Female / 60 years old level or over / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    I want to determine the angle of the sun to get the most Vitamin D when sun bathing for different days of the year. My city is Marietta, GA, USA - Lat.: 33.9526, Long.: -84.5499, elevation 0 meters. Is there an app I can use to calculate this? Please let me know if you can. Thank you very much. Regina G.
    [6]  2020/05/16 03:20   Male / 60 years old level or over / Self-employed people / A little /
    Purpose of use
    calculating soffit overhang to maximize passive solar house design
    Bug report
    The time portion is confusing as when I enter 12. which should be noon if you are using a 24 hour time the sun angle is shown as negative and I have to go to around 10 PM ( 2200 hours) to get the highest elevation angle. also the time zones are not explained and one would think could be automatically entered by the latitude. This undermines my confidence in the calculations on the charts.
    [7]  2020/03/24 20:15   Male / 20 years old level / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    please can you shed some light as to how this calculation is calculated as i am investigating methods for more robust mechanisms for solar tracking. Greatly appreciated.
    [8]  2020/02/18 03:57   Male / 60 years old level or over / A retired person / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Calculating window cover to give shadow in summer but allow sunlight in winter months.
    [9]  2020/01/09 06:39   Male / 40 years old level / A teacher / A researcher / Very /
    Purpose of use
    To try to predict the shadow from a boundary wall and where it falls across a garden area we are trying to redevelop to help determine which plants can go where. Thank you.
    [10]  2019/08/26 15:55   Male / 60 years old level or over / Others / Very /
    Purpose of use
    I'm building a solar array.
    Rather than doing the bogan thing and just plonk panels on the roof or worse still ask a contractor to use frames, which they would get wrong anyway, I'll bild a roof with the correct angle of elevation to maximise solar energy and therefore what the array returns to me.
    Thanks for a great set of data. I looked long and hard and most sites did not even offer a proper description of what the terminology was referring to let alone a usable calculator. Your site has information in both graphical and tabular form and I'll take it from here.
    Wonderful to find a proper website. Most are useless crap written by bureaucrats living in a parallel universe.


    Thank you for your questionnaire.
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