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Calculates the exercise mets and calories burned by walking.

Walking Calorie
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The METS values are provided by "The Compendium of Physical Activities 2011".
Calorie(Kcal) = BMR x Mets / 24 x hour 

Excess calorie (Average): calorie intake−calorie burned≒300kcal/day
Walking 10,000 steps a day will burn about 300 Kcal.

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    Walking Calorie
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    [1]  2021/05/03 02:19   Male / 50 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Check calories for walking exercise
    Nicely presented, good to have a choice of units
    [2]  2021/04/28 21:31   Female / 50 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    I started walking to work and wanted to know how many calories I burn.
    [3]  2021/04/25 14:37   Female / 50 years old level / Others / Very /
    Purpose of use
    I have been increasing my activity levels to get my fitness back to pre-pandemic levels, and wanted to find out my BMR.
    [4]  2021/04/24 09:32   Female / Under 20 years old / Others / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    To find out how many calories I burn daily at my job as a warehouse worker
    [5]  2021/04/20 05:49   Male / 40 years old level / Self-employed people / Very /
    Purpose of use
    To compare calories burned to fitness tracking app
    Found the information informative. Although I’d rather choose speed based on KM/h than mph.
    [6]  2021/04/18 10:29   - / 60 years old level or over / A teacher / A researcher / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Understanding caloric output for my activities
    Excellent site, easy to use, nice to have the options of units
    [7]  2021/04/10 19:06   Male / 50 years old level / A homemaker / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Tracking my exercise ("calories out")
    Love the details, thanks for this!
    [8]  2021/04/10 11:51   Female / Under 20 years old / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Useful /
    Purpose of use
    to find out how long it takes to get to 10k
    [9]  2021/03/30 09:26   Male / 50 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very /
    Purpose of use
    To find out the number of calories being burnt during exercise walking, so that I can walk long enough to create a calorie deficit for weight loss.
    It would be great if there were more choices for walking speed. It would be best if the calculator asked for distance covered during exercise (in miles / km / steps) and time taken.
    [10]  2021/03/29 21:34   - / 20 years old level / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /
    Purpose of use
    Allows me to plan a precise weight loss program by knowing how much energy is used during walks and can be accustomed to the individual.


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