Side of polygon given area Calculator

Calculates the side and perimeter of a regular polygon given the area.

Side of polygon given area
area S
regular polygon n
    1. (triangle=3, square=4, 5,...)

side a
perimeter na
    Side of polygon given area
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    [1]  2021/06/16 04:30   60 years old level or over / Others / - /
    Purpose of use
    a hexagon with 15 foot sides what is the distance across side to side
    [2]  2017/02/20 08:23   40 years old level / Others / A little /
    Purpose of use
    How to coculate area of iregula polygon
    Rule. Of conculate
    [3]  2015/10/27 18:06   40 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very /
    Purpose of use
    I was calculating the sides of a hexagon, given the area. Before, I had been trying to use Heron's formula for one of the triangles (because I had forgotten how to use SOH-CAH-TOA), and I was still struggling a bit. I wanted to calculate the sides so that I could measure the distance across. the hexagon.
    shared this with my wife and kids, as I think this site is really useful!


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