Studentized range distribution (percentile) Calculator

Calculates the percentile from the lower or upper cumulative distribution function of the studentized range distribution.

cumulative mode
cumulative distribution
sample size for range r
degrees of freedom ν
    1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
number of groups whose
maximum range is considered c

The accuracy of the algorithm decreased as r increased, v decreased.

Ferreira, D., et al. "Quantiles from the Maximum Studentized Range Distribution."
Biometric Brazilian Journal 25.1 (2007): 117-135.

    Studentized range distribution (percentile)
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    Purpose of use
    To check the accuracy.
    Bug report
    For upper alpha=0.01, sample size=20, df=1, your result is 295.25843
    However a different value is presented in the literature.

    (1) 297.9972
    Statistical Tables and Formulas with Computer Applications,
    統計数値表, 日本規格協会 (1972)

    (2) 298.00

    (3) 298.0
    Harter, H. L.: Tables of range and studentized ranges,
    Ann. Math. Stat., 31, 1122-1147, 1960.


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