Volumetric Flow Rate Conversion Calculator

Converts the volumetric flow rate in one unit to the others.

Volumetric Flow Rate Conversion
Flow Rate

GroupUnit nameResultUnit
Metricliters per hour60L/hour
liters per minute1L/min
liters per second0.016666666666667L/sec
milliliters per hour60,000mL/hour
milliliters per minute1,000mL/min
milliliters per second16.666666666667mL/sec
cubic meters per hour0.06m3/hour
cubic meters per minute0.001m3/min
cubic meters per second1.6666666666667E-5m3/sec
cubic millimeters per hour60,000,000mm3/hour
cubic millimeters per minute1,000,000mm3/min
cubic millimeters per second16,666.666666667mm3/sec
Imperialcubic feet per hour2.1188800032893ft3/hour
cubic feet per minute0.035314666721489ft3/min
cubic feet per second5.8857777869148E-4ft3/sec
U.S. fluidgallons per hour (U.S.)15.850323141489gal/hour
gallons per minute (U.S.)0.26417205235815gal/min
gallons per second (U.S.)0.0044028675393025gal/sec
Imperialgallons per hour (Imperial)13.198154897945gal/hour
gallons per minute (Imperial)0.21996924829909gal/min
gallons per second (Imperial)0.0036661541383181gal/sec
    Volumetric Flow Rate Conversion
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