Data Transfer Rate Conversion Calculator

Converts the Data transfer rate in one unit to the others.

Data Transfer Rate Conversion
Data Transfer Rate

BaseUnit nameResultUnit
Bit per second1,000,000b/s
Byte per second125,000B/s
SI (1000 based)Kilobit per second1,000kb/s
Kilobyte per second125kB/s
Megabit per second1Mb/s
Megabyte per second0.125MB/s
Gigabit per second0.001Gb/s
Gigabyte per second1.25E-4GB/s
Terabit per second1.E-6Tb/s
Terabyte per second1.25E-7TB/s
IEC 80000-13 (1024 based)Kibibit per second976.5625Kib/s
Kibibyte per second122.0703125KiB/s
Mebibit per second0.95367431640625Mib/s
Mebibyte per second0.11920928955078MiB/s
Gbibit per second9.3132257461548E-4Gib/s
Gbibyte per second1.1641532182694E-4GiB/s
Tebibit per second9.0949470177293E-7Tib/s
Tebibyte per second1.1368683772162E-7TiB/s
    Data Transfer Rate Conversion
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