Terms of Calculator Registration

By registering the expression (hereinafter referred to as Calculator), you are deemed to have agreed to “Terms of Calculator Registration”. If you cannot agree to these terms, please do not register it.

1.You may register your created expression (hereinafter referred to as Private Calculator) for your personal use. And also you may register your created expression along with category name (hereinafter referred to as Shared Calculator) to share with other users.

2.You may enter description or attach image to explain the meaning of Calculator or how to use it, but please limit the description to not more than 5KB and the image to not more than 100KB in total in the GIF and JPG formats.

3.You may register description or image to share with other users only if you create and agree to publish it, or obtain an approval from the copyright holder. Please cite the source when you quote the text.

4.The administrator of this website may transfer Shared Calculator to Casio Online Calculator site if such Calculator is considered to be useful to other users. Conversely, the administrator may delete Shared Calculator which has been redundantly registered, unused for a considerable time of period, or deemed to be inappropriate.

5.In addition, please refer to "Terms of Use".

September 1, 2010