User registration procedures

    The following explains the initial user registration procedures.
  1. Please click "User registration" button located in the upper right(PC) or in the middle(Smartphone) of the top page.

  2. Please select and click "New user registration" button.

  3. Please read "Terms of use" and "Terms of user registration" carefully.
    Please click "I Agree" button if you agree to the above terms.
    When clicking "I Decline" button, it goes to the top page.

  4. Please enter your email address where you can surely receive emails, and click "Send" button.

  5. "User registration procedures information" has been sent to your email address.
    Please confirm it.

  6. Please click the URL in the email when you have received it, or paste the URL
    in the address bar of the browser and then press "Enter" key.

  7. Please enter the required items in the user registration form and click "Confirm" button.

  8. Please confirm the registration information.
    If you agree to it, please click "Register" button. If you wish to change it,
    please click "Back" button to return to the user registration form.

  9. If the following message is displayed, the registration procedures have been completed.
    Please keep your password and nickname confidential.