(20) Active elderly peopleFeb 01, 2013

A TV program 'Cheer for the 100-year-old' aired by Japan Broadcasting Corporation features on active elderly people who are growing vegetables or working as a medical practitioner. It seems that a positive attitude towards life is the key to longevity. Two long-lived sisters Kin and Gin were moderately demented but while they were traveling around the country for interview, they were doing muscle training and could improve symptoms of dementia to such a degree that they could properly reply or remember comments. And also, Jeanne Calment, the world。ヌs oldest person who lived up to 122 years took a bike ride until she reached 100 years old and appeared in a movie at the age of 114. There are many long-lived people among those who had war experiences and overcame hardship. This may be because they have realized the importance of life. It is said that eating moderately (calorie control) and drinking moderately (red wine) are the key for a long life. Let us have a positive attitude of life and enjoy it by proper exercise and moderate eating.
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