(24) Assessment of mathematical literacyMar 6, 2013

PISA 'Programme for International Student Assessment' is conducted every three years by the OECD to test the science, reading and mathematical knowledge and skills of 15 years old student in member countries. Japan was ranked at No. 1 in terms of mathematical literacy in 2000, but was down to No.9 in 2009-behind China, Singapore and Korea, etc. This is thought to be largely due to the influence of relaxed education policy introduced in 2002. When the relaxed education was introduced to reform the cramming education, the standard score assessment was changed to the absolute assessment which places importance on attainment level. However, the number of university students who could not calculate fraction increased over the last 10 years, and their academic achievement declined such that universities needed to re-educate them. Mathematics is the basis of all technology and industry. We hope that 'keisan service' can make a contribution to the improvement of mathematical level.
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