(26) EarthshipMar 7, 2013

The renewable energy law has been passed in Japan, and it is expected that local energy production for local consumption is promoted from now on. The earthship is popular in a grasslands region in the U.S. and Mexico because of the concept of local energy production for local consumption. In the 1970s, Mike Reynolds, an architect built an ultimate ecology house using waste tires, waste cans and empty bottles that do not require public infrastructure. After a long legal battle to win permission, about 2,000 houses have been built in the world up to now, and there is also comfortable accommodation in Arizona. The ecology house is provided with water and waste water disposal, and greenhouse for food crops, which is just like the Earthship that can survive to the end in environmental changes on the Earth. Regrettably, building permission will not be granted in Japan where earthquakes frequently occur. We can hardly wait for the birth of Japanese version of the Earthship.
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